Fourth Industrial Revolution: What to Expect?

Industries that are traditionally male-dominated are even more likely than others to do so. In Information and Communication Technology, a sector which struggles with talent shortages, no less than 37 percent of companies regard enhancing women's workforce participation as an opportunity for expanding the talent pool.

So following this new study they implanted electrodes to stimulate the fornix for 6 patients. Those suffered moderate (early-stage) Alzheimer syndrome. What happened? The results were as unpredictive as the whole thing. On average, the patients symptoms got worse over the course of the year. Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease. So this is what you’d expect to happen without treatment. The authors say that the decline was a bit slower than you’d expect for these kinds of patients. Though to be fair, as there was no control group for that research, results are hard to systemize.


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